Torso Trauma Trainer

This packable wound trainer gives the users a simulator to train on intraosseous insertions, needle decompression and wound packing. The realistic fake wound is located by the hip and can be filled with blood via a bleeding tube. This provides visual feedback when the correct pressure is applied for the correct amount of time. This trainer is great to learn how to use haemostatic agents such as the Prometheus ChitoGauze XR Pro.

The trainer has 2 built-in separate bleeding tubes to a rear gunshot entry wound together with a deep frontal exit wound with an internal cavity about size of a golf ball suitable for wound packing.

Due to the handmade nature of SIMBODIES and associated products, the appearance of the wound designs can vary slightly from the advertised product. We recommend using Trauma FX floor blood concentrate mixed with water to simulate blood.

Key Features
Skin safe, prosthetic grade platinum silicone
Robust, lightweight, washable & reusable
Wounds to provide training on wound packing
Intraosseous insertions in bilateral humeral head
Needle decompression: 2nd intercostal space in the midclavicular line (front)
Includes bleeding tubes, bleeding pump

60cm x 28cm x 79cm
Male only

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