SIMBODIES lifeless is a manikin to replicate a deceased person, ideal for use in Crime Scene Identification (CSI), disaster identification and mortuary training. The SIMBODIES lifeless are robust, waterproof, movable and can be manipulated into different positions. They can be placed into vehicles, collapsed buildings or areas that are unsafe for live casualties to enter. They can also have fingerprints that can be used to take realistic forensic prints to identify the victim. Other options include SIMBODIES lifeless burnt, where the entire body is covered in full thickness burns. As these SIMBODIES replicate dead bodies, they do not have any clinical capabilities.

Key Features
Splashproof and washable skin
Fully flexible steel frame (including front reinforced flexible plaster ribcage)
Male or female genitalia
Closed eye lids capable of manual opening
Human hair wig plus body hair (genitals)
Closed mouths

Product Code
Adult Male Lifeless TR0209 / Burnt TR0212
Adult Female Lifeless TR0205 / Burnt TR0213
Child Male Lifeless TR0202 / Burnt TR0214
Child Female Lifeless TR0203 / Burnt TR0215