SIMBODIES Lifeless Blasted

SIMBODIES lifeless blasted is a manikin that replicates blasted and burnt body parts from a deceased person in 7-18 different parts. The adults come in 10-18 different parts and the child comes in 7-10 different parts including head, torso, limbs, small digits and soft tissue. The blasted baby comes as whole with non-survivable injuries. The SIMBODIES lifeless blasted can be used to replicate a bombing scenario with scattered body parts lying around. As these SIMBODIES replicate dead bodies, they do not have any clinical capabilities.

Key Features
Male or female genitalia
Closed mouths

Product Code
Adult Male 10-18 body parts: TR0216
Adult Female 10-18 body parts: TR0217
Child Male 7-10 body parts: TR0218
Child Female 7-10 body parts: TR0219
Baby Male: TR0220
Baby Female: TR0221