Airway Trainer

The Airway Task Trainer has been designed as a table top training device to teach airway management on a lifelike half body manikin. The task trainer is hand finished within the UK and made from skin safe, prosthetic grade platinum silicone. The airway, mouth and jaw are anatomically correct, casted from a cadaver creating a realistic and lifelike training device. This enables students to train chest drain and the placement of Orotracheal tubes, Laryngeal Masks, esophageal tracheal, Nasotracheal tubes, Nasopharyngeal tubes, Endotracheal tubes and Guedel airways.

We recommend using Trauma FX sweat and tears to provide a lubricant when placing tubes down the nose and mouth as it can be absorbed by the silicone and does not leave a residue.

Key Features
Airway capable of intubation and ventilation
Surgical Airway
Nasal passages
Needle decompression: 2nd intercostal space in the midclavicular line (front) & 5th intercostal space in the anterior axillary line (side)
Chest drains
Lightweight and portable
Comes with repair kit

79cm x 60cm x 28cm

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