Above Knee Amputation Trainer

The above knee amputation task trainer is a weighted silicone thigh with major soft tissue damage and exposed bone and muscle. The integrated bleeding tubes provide realistic bleeding for major haemorrhage and is controlled by a manual pump, so no parts to go wrong.

The task trainer helps students to train on haemorrhage control including tourniquets, bandages and haemostatic agents. It is weighted to be heavier at the top just like a real leg and provides difficulty when placing a tourniquet.

Due to the handmade nature of SIMBODIES and associated products, they can vary slightly from the advertised product. We recommend using Trauma FX floor blood concentrate mixed with water to simulate blood.

Key Features
Training on haemorrhage control
Skin safe, prosthetic grade platinum silicone
Robust, washable & reusable
Easy to transport
Includes bleeding tubes and bleeding pump

47cm x 19cm x 20cm

Product Code